Tuesday, March 4, 2008

San Francisco Trip

What a weekend! Left Thursday for San Francisco. I met my sister, Gail & we stayed with my niece, Alexis. We also met our good friend Minnie & her daughter, Ashley there. We hit Flax on Friday & saw Beach Blanket Babylon Friday night. Saturday we hit Scrap in San Francisco. OMG....that was an experience too. From there we hit the Annie Leibovitz exhibit at one of the local museums. It was just fabulous, the entire weekend. L-R Ashley, Alexis, Minnie & Gail
My first trip to Flax on Market St. in San Francisco. Love it, love it, love it!!!! Over 7000 varieties of paper! Very exciting!

I thought this record store was so cute! It is located across the street from Flax in San Francisco.


GAIL said...

Very nice update on your blog. I had such a fun time too! I miss you. xoxo

Heather, paperfollies.typepad.com said...

Thanks for popping by my blog! I had visited yours earlier this week, but now am leaving a comment b/c what an awful thing to do ~ peek and run. I love the photo of the record shop that you took...I think that definately has a home in a piece of art! My mom and I are visiting S.F. after Artfest, so it was great to hear about your adventures! See you in Port Townsend...will you be at the Festal Virgin meeting by the fountain? I hope to be!
Hugs and Peace ~ Heather

Anonymous said...

diane, i am at the imac store, and used i giant screen to pull your blog up.....very cute on the big screen.....we had the best time at san francisco, didnt we? i guess you didnt get any photos at scrap, you will have to tell your friend heather to be sure to stop there, and i cant wait to see you at the festal virgin fountain.....i wonder if we should bring rice to throw at you... and gail and katherine.....hee hee xxoo minnie

Diane said...

Thanks, Heather! I am going to try & make the festal virgin meeting! I will have two other virgins with me so I think this would be a great beginning...See you there.

ashley said...

yes! i had so much much fun! very groooooovy time!