Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Bird Bath

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & friends.
When my sister visited a couple of weeks ago, she brought a new idea with her. It is a bird bath made from various pieces of glass which we gathered from everywhere but mostly thrift shops. Gail already made a couple of these & I absolutely fell in love with them. They look beautiful with the sun hitting them as well as the rain.   They are quite beautiful in the yard. It is only in the house now as I had to attach the little duck. It is going back outside today. I am ready to whip out some more.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Photoshop Elements Creations

Good morning everyone! It's a soggy morning here in Southern California. It is suppose to rain all weekend.
Thank goodness my roof is done & I have just a few finishing touches on my bedroom. Chris, who's been doing my roof, along with a million other things around here,  has been such a treasure! He is a friend of my son's & I feel so very lucky that this great guy has helped us so very much. We are so lucky! We love Chris & his partner, Lisa & their wonderful lab, Maxie. Maxie is "the icing on the cake" as I get to kiss & play with her all day while her Dad is working. Now that the roof is done....we will really miss her sweet face.
Hope you all have a grand weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Carousel Animals & Sunrises Today

Good Morning! I have a bit of a mix today for you. When I started remodeling my bedroom I mentioned some carousel animals one of my husband's friends carved with a bit of help from my husband. My father-in-law was a woodshop teacher for many years & my husband did some woodworking over the years. His friend, carved these animals for a living. They are generally painted after they are carved but we opted to leave ours with the natural wood. I believe they were made with bass wood. There is the Lion & the Lioness & they are LARGE! The other two photos are gorgeous sunrises I have been capturing right outside my front door. Happy Thursday Everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Today is all about Transportation

Good morning everyone! I managed to play a little bit yesterday & made some new PSE photos. Somewhere I found a new image website called These images came from that site as well as some backgrounds also. I thought I would try something connected to transportation. you have it! A BIG airplane & what looks to be a Buick from the 50's era.
Happy  Monday everyone & may you all have a wonderful week! My bedroom should be finished later this week, I hope.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Work, Work & more Work

Good Morning! This has been one heck of a busy week. My roof is being replaced along with the remodel of my bedroom. Today is FINALLY the day the paint goes on plus my new bed will be delivered. Sister & I even made time for some art yesterday. I have a surprise down the road....a new creation my sister came up with & we are pretty excited.
I am posting a couple more pics this morning that were done with Photoshop Elements. The images were freebies & the backgrounds are my own creations. Hope you all have a wonderful & creative weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More PSE & Blogger Problems

Good morning everyone! Having problems with Blogger again. When they make changes that always results in new bugs to work out. Bedroom is coming along & we are going to shoot for a litttle art time today.
I will leave you with a couple of PSE projects I did a few weeks ago. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

100 Followers & Breakfast with the Hummingbirds

Good morning everyone! I am so excited today that I have reached 100 followers on my blog. I am beside myself with joy & appreciation. I just can't thank you all enough for coming along with me! I have a mixed bag this morning for you.
We have experienced some phenomenal sunrises lately. I am posting a couple of pics of that as well as our little hummingbird family. We just can't keep their feeder filled fast enough. Little pigs...they are. In the beginning they didn't really come around if we were outside by the feeder. Now...they will whiz right by your head! They are feeling quite comfortable here now. They are amazing little things & we, of course, love them! HAPPY THURSDAY!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voting Day & Hollywood Girls

Good morning everyone. Today, November 2nd is voting day & I hope you will ALL get out there & vote. It will be quite an interestng day & evening.
I am posting a couple of Hollywood hotties today. The bottom one is an image of Marilyn Monroe placed over a scene of downtown Hollywood. The top is an image of Gloria Swanson placed over one of my tye dye backgrounds. They were done using Photoshop Elements & I also change the color & opacity.
Happy Tuesday everyone....We are looking at temperatures very close to 90 degrees today. Doesn't feel like Fall!