Friday, February 26, 2010

New Collage

Good Friday morning! I've had company this week & I've had a blast. My sister came back to California for a visit & we took some play time. We each made a collage & it was so much fun. The collage measures 15x17 inches. This one contains my first quote. Boy, was that shaky! All in all, they turned out very nice. I will post a pic of Gail's collage in a couple of days. Yesterday, we stopped to do some of the last painting in my kitchen. Got the ceiling done & wall behind the stove. It looks quite nice. Only thing left is the back splash & handles on the cupboard doors. FINALLY..I am reaching the end but not without Gail's help!
Have a very nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Wednesday Morning to All

My son & I just got back from a short trip up north to our 2ND property in Paso Robles. I told you about how green all that rain was going to make our hills. It was a wonderful drive up & back. The hills are absolutely GORGEOUS! The first pic is shot from the top of our property & looking to the left. This area is called Independence Ranch & there's 10 acre parcels in there. Yes, a lot of weed wacking & rototilling! is a beautiful spot. The 2nd shot was taken on the road, through the central coast. The top photo I was so excited about. I could barely see that little bird in my lens but the pic came out great!
Now, I am off to prepare my OWOH giveaways for mailing. Have a FABULOUS day! We are looking at another 80 degree day here...don't hate me! Next week, it's suppose to dump on us again. That's okay though because the hills are going to be even more beautiful!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Good morning everyone! We have picked three winners for my OWOH giveaway but before I announce that I want to extend my gratitude to all that participated. I ended up with 212 comments & 22 new followers through this fabulous event. I am AMAZED! Thank you Soooooooooooo much to all of you that dropped by & left comments. I hope you all enjoy your winnings!

The third place winner for the 3x5 in canvas of mother & child is......
Susan at

The 2ND place winner for the 9x12 inch pink canvas is.................
Debby from

The 1ST place winner for the top 9x12 inch canvas is.....................
Wrightstuff at

A big congratulations to all of you! THe winnings will be mailed out on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saucer Magnolia tree & OWOH winding down

Good morning! I had to take a shot of my Saucer Magnolia tree in bloom now. This tree is so beautiful (until the petals fall all over the front porch)that I had to get a shot of it. It's probably the only thing in my yard that looks nice this time of year. The tree is probably 15-20 years old.
I'm also posting another bleached picture as I can't seem to keep my hands out of that stuff. This time I sanded the pic a bit as well as pressing it on a rubber stamp for some background texture.
OWOH is now winding down. Looks like Lisa had a total of 1105 participants which breaks the previous record. This is the most AMAZING event. I can't wait to do it all over next year. A BIG thank you to Lisa Swifka at

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kitten (CAT) Update

Good morning everyone! It's pouring here in Southern California this morning! Our hills are going to be so green....I can't wait to take some pictures.
I guess you all remember our kitten rescue last year. Mama cat had 5 babies at our 2ND property. These three pictured today are the three of the five that we kept. We still have the Mama too. I will get a picture of her next time. I had a little fun with Cooper. He's a very good little model! They are all wonderful cats & we love them dearly. I just wish my husband could see how beautiful they all turned out.
Her is:


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bird Collage Inspired by KC WIllis Class

Good morning everyone!Here we are, mid week already...where does the time go??
I have completed another collage using a bird as my main image this time. This is another one inspired by KC Willis & her collage camp class. This one I did a little smaller at 11x9 inches. Hope you enjoy!
Remember:::::::::You have until February 15th to get in on the OWOH giveaway. It's now up to 961 participants. Don't miss out on this great event!
Have a GREAT Wednesday!