Friday, June 24, 2011

2ND Piece for Washington Art Show & Sale

Boy, did this week fly by!At least I got a lot accomplished so I guess that's why it went so fast. This morning I have my 2ND piece that's going to Washington next week for the art show & sale I mentioned in my last post. This is a 10x10 canvas that is done with layers & layers of paper, gel medium, glaze, & a little rubber stamping. The image in the center was done with a sheer heaven transfer to tissue paper. I was very pleased with this one, particularly the colors. I didn't shoot pics of the sides of the canvas (unfortunately) but it is a wide gallery wrapped canvas & the sides turned out very nice too. Next week I will mail both of these off.
Wishing you all a wonderful & creative weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Fabric Collage for Upcoming Art Show & Sale

This is the first piece of two that I did for an upcoming Art show & sale in Everett. Wa. This is being hosted by the 3231 Creatives Gallery. The show runs between July 15th & August 17th.  All pieces are done in a 10x10 format. If any of you are in the Everett area, the address is: 3231 Broadway Ave.  Everett, Wa.  The Facebook link is:!/event.php?eid=152986018105121.

 Wishing you all a very happy summer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mixed Media Collage

Good Morning! I am featuring a mixed media collage this morning done on a 12x12 canvas. It is done with multiple layers of paper, gel medium & a bit of rubber stamping.
The image is a transfer to tissue paper using Sheer Heaven.
I am currently working on a couple of pieces for an upcoming show in Everett, Wa.  next month. I'll share those pieces soon.
I did visit the automotive museum on the weekend & it was AMAZING! I have included a link to my Facebook pics in the event you'd like to take a peek.
Happy hump day!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some PSE boat variations & flowers

Good Saturday morning everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend planned. I am off to the Mullin Automotive Museum this morning & I can't wait!
This morning I have a boat picture that I found at that I did a couple of PSE variations on. I do like the top one the best. The 3rd photo is a flower in my yard & the rose is also from The backgrounds & masks are from Now....I would walk through my process with you but I go so many places with these pics that sometimes I forget how I even got there. I just keep playing & adding more layers, adjusting the hue, saturation & opacity. For some reason I tend to be drawn to boats in spite of the fact that I really have no desire to be on one nor in the water!
Happy Saturday to you all! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Do you ever stumble across belongings you forgot??

Good morning! Another damp day on tap, I see. I am loving it as it is damp but still very comfortable temperatures! I have been digging through years of items recently to determine what I can part with & what I can't. It's pretty bad when you have soooo much stuff that you forget some of the stuff you this LOVELY soap box I stumbled upon that I totally forgot we even had! It's been tucked away in a corner for probably the last 35 years. It dates back to 1897 or 1898 & it's in really nice condition for the age. It measures around 17" x16" x8". I cleaned it all up & that is where I will store my Grandmother's old crocheted pieces. I think they look so nice in there.
I also found a 1905 water heater tucked in a corner of my garage which was another thrill. I forgot we even had it! Once I get around to photographing that I will share that one with you too. I can't even find another one of those. I have only found brochures for them on sale on Ebay. I have more researching in my future!
Happy Monday to you all!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Compilation of Statues & Photoshop Elements

Good morning everyone! June is upon us & not without a little gloom this morning. The good news is...the gloom has vanished & the sun is out now.
I've been very busy preparing for a garage sale this weekend & still haven't quite made it through my Photoshop class. Knowing that I can work on it at my leisure is simply wonderful! I am going to wrap it up shortly. The problem is I am so excited about what I have already learned that I just keep experimenting. This morning I have some more statues (LOVE THEM!) that I have altered with various layers. My problem is...I go through so many steps that I forget exactly how I got there sometimes. I do know that my layers were set on "overlay" for both of these creations. The images are from my favorite site for free images & the backgrounds I use are from &
Happy Wednesday!