Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last of San Francisco Trip

Good Sunday Morning! What a gorgeous day in Southern Ca. We are moving closer to summertime. I'm posting the end of my San Francisco pictures. We caught the Alcatraz tour this time & it was my first trip there as well as my son's Tim. We had a great time. Unfortunately, it wasn't a clear day but I still got some nice pics. The pic you see with the woman's legs out the window is from Haight Ashbury. I absolutely love this area. So many cool things there. The remaining pics are all from Alcatraz. It was a fun trip but you can only tolerate so many bars & concrete floors.....what an existence! The top pic is my lovely sister, Gail & niece, Alexis. Great picture of the two of them.
Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alexis graduates Summa Cum Laude

Good Morning! What a glorious weekend in San Francisco...watching my niece, Alexis graduate from SFU. We were all just bursting with pride. There were approximately 8000 graduates & probably 30,000-40,000 people in attendance. We went from the ceremony to her Humanities dept for a little reception. We were able to meet some of her professors. How nice it is when one of her professors tells my sister "Your daughter is smarter than most people I work with!" I know she has given those professors a run for their money & you could just tell how much respect they hold for this very bright young woman. What a positively amazing group!
I am posting pics this morning of Alexis with her Mom & one with her Dad also.
I am still tingling from all the excitement! HAPPY TUESDAY!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surprise for the Sisters

Good Wednesday morning! When I was in Washington last week, my sister & I decided to place some original ATC's around Pioneer Square in Seattle. I originally saw this idea on Marianne's blog about one year ago. We placed 20 ATC's in flower beds, hung from trees, lying on restaurant tables etc. It was fun placing them over about a 4 block area & wondering if people would actually pick them up & read them. Well, to my surprise.....I received this email last night:

Hi Diane,

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed finding the trading card `Mona moons the art world' on Jackson & 2nd Ave last week. I have it at my desk and it brings a smile every time I look at it.

This is a great way to enrich people's lives! Let me know if you would like to place any in the Starbucks HQ building. I'm certain that some of the 3,500 or so people that work here could also use a smile. Eventually, I will pass Mona along, but I am enjoying her way to much to let her go just yet...

have a great day!


I was shocked & positively thrilled at the same time. I am posting the "Mona" card referenced in this note. This card was actually made by my sister, Gail but since she doesn't have a blog, we put my blog name on it. Gail really deserves the credit for this wonderful creation. I am also posting a couple of others that we passed around. Have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home from the Northwest

Good Saturday morning to all! What a great vacation I had up in the Northwest with family & friends! My sister, Gail & my sister-in-law, Sharon & I attended the Seattle Pug Show last weekend. What a BLAST we had! Sooo many pugs & so many people.
We got the chance to meet Melissa & Melanie as well as Georgie, Paulette & Ms. Tweedles! Melissa had a picture of the group so I am posting that one first.
Starting on the left: Georgie & Tweedles, Paulette, Gail, Diane & Melissa. Thank you for sharing this photo, Melissa. I also caught a couple of shots with Melissa & Melanie both working away! The pic just below them is my sweet little Tweeedles. There are a few others of some sweeties from the show also. The last pic is of our Kongy. He is such a beautiful black pug but hard to get any definition in his face due to the color. Of course, it's hard to sit still & pose for pics at a Pug Party too!
It was great to meet these wonderful people I have blogged with for a couple of years now. I hope to do it again next year.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Trading Cards

Good Sunday morning, everyone! We are suppose to top out today around 80 degrees & I am looking forward to that! I am going to spend some time outside today enjoying the warm air & getting some things done in the yard.
Next week.....I get the chance to meet two of my dear blogging friends, Melissa Langer of
& Miss Tweedles of
I am so excited. I have blogged with them for a couple of years now & will finally have the chance to meet.
I am posting two more new trading cards today. I hope you enjoy & hope you all have
a wonderful week!