Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet my little Cosmo

This is the third kitten in the group. His name is Cosmo & he is my largest kitten. It's amazing how affectionate these kittens are considering they were half wild to start with. I couldn't be happier that they are all progressing so nicely. I am so relieved they are NOT living outdoors & having to contend with all the elements of outdoor life. I was also very pleased with the spay & neuter clinic I took the kittens to. My vet (of 35 years) wanted between $350-$600 to spay a female. I paid $35.00 at the clinic. Matter of cost me a total of $145 for all three kittens to be sterilized along with their booster shots. I was THRILLED with that price! PLEASE......SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS!!!!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kitten update

I am posting a picture of Chloe this morning. She is the only female kitten that I will be keeping. Cooper, Cosmo & Chloe were all spayed & neutered yesterday and also received their booster shots. They all seem to be doing well this morning. The boys gobbled up their breakfast like they hadn't eaten in a week! Chloe weighed 5 pounds & Cooper & Cosmo both weigh a little over 7 pounds. They are almost as big as their mom! I can't believe how they've grown.The last one that I will be posting a pic of is Cosmo. It's nearly impossible to photograph the three together. They just can't sit still long enough.
I hope you all have a wonderful productive week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Recipient of a very special blog award

I have been so fortunate since I started my blog in February of 2008. I now have 45 followers that I can't thank enough for visiting my blog on a regular basis. I have also been the recipient of numerous blog awards that I am so honored by. Most importantly I have made some lasting friendships with some wonderful people. My love & gratitude goes to each & every one of you!
Today, I am posting an award from my dear friend, Tweedles @ . This blog has brought me so much joy...I can't even tell you all the times I've laughed & cried seeing life through the eyes of Tweedles.Tweedles is one amazing little Pug girl with two exceptional mommies!
I am passing this award on to all of my wonderful blogging friends that have brought me so much joy!
Thanks you again, Tweedles & Tweedle's moms

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello again

Gosh, I feel like my posts are becoming few & far between lately. I've been a little under the weather AGAIN! I am feeling better now but really haven't done much of anything but book pages. It's fairly easy to sit & do these so basically this is ALL I have done in the past 2-3 weeks. I am hoping to start something else next week & get caught up on my blogging.
I am also helping hubby prepare for his annual high school reunion party. We have this in the summertime & normally we have between 100-150 people that attend. It will be held next weekend & we will have a live band there in the afternoon. It is a lot of fun. I can't believe my husband even knew this many people in high school.
Hopefully everything will turn out always does!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feline Things

I am doing a little feline post today. One of my favorite bloggers asked me about the kittens we rescued a couple of months ago. I have good reports for you. Mama cat is still with us. She has been spayed & also received all of her shots now. My sweet Dexter(my Bengal boy) is doing pretty well with Mama in the house but every now & then wants to show her who the boss he thinks!
I still have 3 kittens, Cosmo, Cooper & Chloe. They are right around 4 1/2 to 5 months old now. The two kittens we found homes for are doing great! The 3 that I will be keeping go for spay & neutering two weeks from yesterday. I am posting a pic of Mama cat & little Cooper this morning.
I am also throwing in another book page which is also feline related. The pic is from a postcard done by Stella Marrs. I find her work to be so comical that I couldn't resist incorporating a couple of them into my pages. You can check out some of her work at

Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting back to it

Well, I am back and feeling better finally. I had a bug hit me last week that knocked me down for a few days. Unfortunately, I missed the Carson Stamp Show & meeting some blogging friends. What a disappointment! Maybe the next show!
Anyway...I am hoping to do a little artwork today or tomorrow.
I also want to mention those bloggers kind enough to share their lovely blog backgrounds for free. My lovely new look comes from Cristi's Creations at Thank you so much for your generosity, Cristi!
I am posting another page from the ledger book I've been working on. I am really liking working with these smaller pages.
We are looking at triple digit heat today..LOVELY!I hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More book pages

I am having a lot of fun working on these book pages. You'll notice that I still have not included text! I think it's a mental block & I am going to stop worrying about including it. If it comes, it comes...if not...oh well! These are created with image transfers, stamps, ink & rub-ons. I acquired free images from a few people. Some were,, & . I thank each & everyone of you for your generosity!!Each page is approximately 5x7.
I am excited to attend the Carson Stamp Show this weekend. Gail & I are going with our friend, Minnie. After the art stamp show, Minnie is going to do a little journal class with us. She took a journal class recently with Teesha Moore. I haven't seen the journal Minnie created but Gail tells me it's gorgeous. It will be a lot of fun, I know. Happy hump day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Award received, Tweedles & Kong & thanks to Diana Evans

I was honored to receive the Premio Meme Award from the very talented Silke Powers of . Thank you so much, Silke!!! The rules of this award state that I am to share 7 facts about myself and then pass the award on to 7 others. So, here I go...

1)I am a huge lover of music
2)Married at 16 (1st time) & was not pregnant! Yikes..what a fool!!
3)Photography is a new love of mine
4)Mexican food is my favorite
5)I love swap meets
6)I keep a pedometer in my pocket at all times
7)I sing & dance with my cat, Dexter..but not very well!

I also want to thank my very dear friend Diana Evans for the wonderful little watercolor picture she sent with my current order. I love it, Diana!

Last but not sister Gail had this brilliant idea that I do a picture of her little Kong (the big pug) & sweet little Tweedles from together. It took a little cutting & pasting but I did finally get a cute little photo. This is Kong & Tweedles vacationing in Paris called "Pugs in Paris". It was altered in
Happy Monday to all !

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Funky With Kong

I played for many hours yesterday on the website. I've been there before but forgot how much fun it was. I'm posting some pictures of Kong that I did. I thought they turned out very cute. It's really difficult to make this sweet boy look anything but gorgeous! If you haven't already...check out this website. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Pages Completed

I am posting a couple more book pages I completed. These were done with some rubber stamping, rub-ons & image transfers (using sheer heaven). I start out with the transfers & then go back & add to it until I see the results I am happy with. Today I am going to concentrate on adding more text to each page. For some reason I seem to have a mental block when it comes to that. I hope you all have a great Wednesday.
July 1ST already! That means 5 months til Christmas. Who wants to strangle me for bringing that up:>)