Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've been Getting Funky

Good morning everyone. Yes...it's been three months since I have posted & I am surprised I still have people following me! There's just been so much to do that art has taken a back burner (I hate that thought!)
First off the Spain trip was over the top wonderful. There is a Flickr link on my blog you may click on if you have time to look through. I just couldn't stop my camera finger. I shot 2500+ pictures! It was an amazing experience....my first trip to Europe!
I broke down this weekend & signed up for another Photoshop class on line. I know once I start dipping back into some art I will be on a roll again. In the meantime....I messed with some http://www.befunky.com/ & that's how I did these pics of Cooper & his Mama.
I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day & a great week in store!