Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Plumeria bloom & the Ventura County Fair

Good morning to everyone! I finally have my very first Plumeria bloom I have posted this morning. The plant was started two years ago so it took a while. It is the most wonderful smelling flower...I just love it!
We made a trip to the County Fair on Thursday & I picked up a couple more exotic plants. They're all planted now & the wait is on. Hopefully it won't take two years for these to bloom. I just hope I don't kill them!
I also posted some other pics from the fair...mostly flowers. I did manage to get some Speed Racer in there as well as Howdy Doody. My son loves Speed Racer & I date back to Howdy Doody...UGH:>)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am looking forward to next weekend when I have a paintover class with none other than......Lisa Bebi!
I CAN'T wait!


Jen xo said...

i love the flower pics , diane, it was worth the wait... oh to do a class with Lisa, lucky you...

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Diane
Doesn't Plumeria smell sooo good?
Have you been to Hawaii? They are everywhere.
Your plumeria plant is beautiful!
I am so happy for you that i finally bloomed!
And what a fun time it must have been for you and Tim at the fair!
We love you

Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful flower pictures, Diane!

Have a lovely week!


Nancy McCarroll said...

My favorite soap was from Hawaii and scented with plumeria. Loved it, and even painted a plumeria for my dad, but he ditched it!! Waw!

I did not know plumeria actually grew in "captivity"...good job!