Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Pic of Tweedles & a Psychedelic Look

Good morning to you all! I've been playing around with some animal images & came up with a new one of my dear little friend, Tweedles! Her moms haven't seen it yet so this will be a surprise for them to see their sweet girl up here this morning. Both of these images were done on the same background. It's pretty amazing how the look differs with a little color alteration. It was a free Google background. The other image was a freebie from morguefile.com.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


Cathy Bueti said...

Diane these are great! And I have to say my fav is the pug! I am a bit prejudiced because I have my own! :)

Salinger The Pug said...

Ooohhh Tweedles looks like a little Forest Sprite that spreads pixie dust!

SO cool Diane!!!!


Janny said...

Gorgeous work on your Blog;o)

Jen xo said...

haha loving the psychadelic...

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my gosh! Aunt Diane
Your magic wand has put me in a fairy tale land, and I love it.
Moms love it too. I never want to leave!

Your magic is everywhere, no matter what you do,,, you make the world so beautiful.
You show us colors we have never seen before.
You show us beauty that we never looked at before,, by all that you share with us.
You show us possibilities that we did not know existed.
Thank you for making the world a bigger place for us,
We love to see your fun.
What an artist you are!

marianne said...

i just love what you're doing with these!and tweedles is such a cutie :)

Nancy said...

I love the colors....great job....
Both of them are so fun......

Archie and Melissa said...

oh diane!

it is fabulous!

twee is in her magic bubble!

m & e

Linda O'Neill said...

These are great, Diane...and I love your new blog design!

The first piece looks like a large orb is enveloping the structure and Tweedles looks like someone has blown a big bubble on her! I like the feel they give the photos too.