Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home again from Paso Robles

Good morning everyone. I just returned yesterday after spending 5 days at our 2nd property in Paso Robles. I got a few things done there so that's a good thing. The place is looking great. The trees my husband planted seem to be growing very well.
I am posting a few pics of the property this morning. My husband loved this place but unfortunately, it brings me a great deal of sadness now in spite of its beauty.
You will see the entrance to Independence Ranch, some pics of the Poplar trees lining the driveway, various trees on the property & the BIG BARN. My husband put his heart & soul in this property & I know he would be loving the way it looks today.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Gorgeous... Bet there are great memories at your place
Benny & Lily

Orion Designs said...

It is indeed a lovely spot Diane. How far is it from where you live?

PoetessWug said...

It looks like a great place to relax. I hope you're able to do that here soon.

Dianne said...

It's a very lovely place.

Sharon said...

Beautiful property Diane.

Mary S. Hunt said...

beautiful indeed!

we have a place in texas
we go there mostly during the winter
SD gets rather snowy

Jen xo said...

its just beautiful Diane, i can sympathise with your sadness though....

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We missed you Aunt Diane.
The property is sooooo beautiful.
Looking at all the photos we can feel all the love and work that was put into it. We see the heart and soul that is part of every building and tree.
We know you mind was filled with many memories,,,, memories that live in your heart.
Thank you for coming back to us.
kisses for your cheeks....
ps the kisses on my tummy need freshening up.
your tweedles

Linda O'Neill said...

Hi Diane...I know that must be bittersweet for you. No wonder your husband loved it so much...it's beautiful property.

Maisie and I send hugs!

dewatobay said...

Diane, I've been catching up on your posts - fun. We almost purchased property in Paso Robles circa 2000! We also have recreational property, which I refer to as my husband's cave. He's there now, working on our 'cabin'! it's good for both of us to have a separate break once in awhile.