Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bubble Girls & Dolores Del Rio

Thursday is here! I spent the last two days on jury duty but I am free today. I always find jury duty to be such an interesting experience. Seems like everytime I am called I make it up to a court room. What I really got so tired of was hearing people's BS about what a hardship jury duty would be for them. People will say anything to get out of their civic duty! Just amazing!
I am posting the bubble girls this morning which is a PSE conconction.... as we hit up around 90 yesterday in the valleys. It was a beach day! The 2nd pic is another PSE creation from a mural in Hollywood. The mural was done in 1990 by Alfredo de Batuc. Dolores Del Rio was a latina film actress. She was a star of Hollywood films during the silent era and in the Golden Age of Hollywood.
Wishing you all a great Thursday!


Unknown said...

These 2 pieces are great! I also love all those tulips.

I too have little tolereance for peoples bs.

Orion Designs said...

Great work Diane! I've been called for jury duty only twice and I've never made it onto a jury. The last time, I was looking forward to being on a Grand Jury, but alas, my name was never called.

Kelly Berkey said...

What wonderful fun those two pieces are!! Lovely.

I've only been called once to jury duty and I'm with you, I got tired right away of the moaning! ha-ha.

Have a great week! xo

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Diane
your art work is spectacular!
So fun for you!

Maybe jury duty is better than some tv shows,,,,,!!!especailly if you get picked.

Jenny said...

Oh Diane, gorgeous artwork... I love them both... especially Bubble Girls...
It is funny that I have never been called for Jury Service...

Have a wonderful day...
Jenny x

Nancy McCarroll said...

Wow; 90 degrees where you are and we are STILL freezing at night. My poor basil bit the dust last night, even with covers on him.

dewatobay said...

wonderful and warm! Jury duty is a test of duty and focus!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh i just love them!
you are amazing!

Gaby Bee said...

Both pieces are stunning! I'm always excited by your artwork! It is just so inspirational.

Have a wonderful art filled Day!
Hugs, Gaby

Unknown said...

Diane.... Great pieces, both! Love the bubbles one as it makes me think warm summer will come. Reminds me of Florida in the early years.

I'm not a moaner, but I really can't do jury duty anymore, must get excused. Since my brain tumor, I feel it wouldn't be fair to judge anyone else. Not to mention what the stress of a murder, rape or such a trial could do to me, ie seizures.

But I'm so proud of those who answer the call with pride and do their civic duty. Of course all those years prior to my tumor, I was never called. Since, I've been called twice in 13 years. Go figure.