Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Honored with an award

I am very lucky to know so many great blogging friends....I just received this Breeze award from Diana Evans @ that was created by Peter Breese @
In his very own words: The coveted Breese Award is given to six inspirational individuals; since most blog awards cater to odd numbers, this particular award was designed for the more even keeled folk. These six should be a collection of bloggers that have helped you, either directly or indirectly, to stay creative.

I pass this award to the following people who have inspired me. Thanks to each & every one of you!

1) Tweedles & her moms @
2) Mary @
3) Gaby @
4)Viola @
5)Renate (I believe is her name)@
6) Janny @


Linda O'Neill said...

Hi Diane...congrats on the award. I'm glad you're having so much fun with beeswax too!

By the way...that Giraffe you did is just amazing. I love it!

Janny said...

I am speechless and
honored, thank you so much! I agree there are so much inspirational Bloggers! That's goinig to be a problem only six;o)

stregata said...

Hi Diane!
Thank you for the honors!
By the way, if you want to be included in the "Get excited ..." game, please read point 6. This is a pay it forward game.

Mary S. Hunt said...

thank you diane!!! this is truly an honor to receive

EVERYONE inspires in the world am i to pick just 6!

gaby braun said...

Thank you, Diane, for the award. I'm very proud of it. YOU are an inspiration!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Diane, I am so excited to get this award from you! Thank you for thinking of my momd and me. This is so exciting . I would have chosen you if I had already had it!

Viola said...

Oh Diane, thank you so much! Have a great and creative week!! :o)