Friday, March 13, 2009

A bit of art from the past

These are some mannequins that I decorated approximately 2 years ago. I had such fun doing this that I did one large one (32") & 3 smaller ones (12"). I guess I never posted these as it was before my blog days. Also....I did a few little goofy things on the big you can see! They were sooo much fun to do. Just recently on one of my trips to the hospital I saw a small giraffe (around 5 ft tall) that was decorated in this same manner. I would love to get my hands on one of those little giraffes. It was absolutely adorable.


Orion Designs said...

I love these Diane. Mannequins are a great canvas to work on -- all those curves and bumps. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

oh wow!!! Dianeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

these are amazing....I am blown away....these should be in an exhibit!!!

thanks for sharing....


Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh my gosh! these are amazing!

thank you for sharing them!


Anji Gallanos said...

What fun...they are great. I have three of these little mannequins in my studio..but I haven't done anything with them yet. I am inspired now to work on them. Very colorful! Thanks for sharing them


Mary S. Hunt said...

these are terrific!
and diana is right they need to be displayed!

so...a cute giraffe hunh


well you share if you find the source!

Jen xo said...

oH Diane, these are wonderful, thanks for sharing jenxo

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Diane- and you decorated them!?
That looked like a lot of fun!
How very awsome. We like em!

Nancy McCarroll said...

These are so cute! I thought of you when I wrote my blog today and mentioned you and your blog when writing about paper boxes and paper dolls. Hope that is OK!! You could make some cool paperdolls using your savvy talents.

Marlublu said...

Boy I really like the mannequines they are so colorful just the way I like things. Wish I had some to decorate.

Brenda said...

Oh my!!!!

Gaby Bee said...

These Mannequins are simply amazing!
Beautifully created. Thanks for sharing them!
Gaby xo