Thursday, July 3, 2008

Teapots from the de Young museum

Since I don't have any new projects to post I thought I would show more pictures from the de Young museum. These really were amazing teapots. What people don't come up with....I love it!All in all, it was a grand trip. The weather was too warm but that's a small price to pay for all the adventure that comes with the beautiful city of San Francisco. I did manage to hit Flax, my favorite paper store, again this trip. I believe I could spend an entire day in that store but I set limits for myself this trip. I didn't want to haul too much home with me.
I loved seeing my sister, Gail; my niece, Alexis and her friend, Alicia. Alexis & Alicia know their way around the city very well so that really helped us. I'm looking forward to another trip in a few months.

Flower shop in San Francisco


GAIL said...

I might be going back around 9/1 to help Alex move, if you are interested! xoxo

Anonymous said...

diane such beautiful teapots, your photos are beautiful, makes me want to go there. sorry i missed that trip.