Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Paintover on Visual Journal Page

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone's week is going well. Fall has really rolled in....lots of early morning...what some people would call "gloom." I personally love the cool air in the A.M. I'm quite sure the sun will be out in a few hours. We don't have very many days that the sun doesn't pop out to greet us.
I am posting a new paintover today of my Grandmother. I believe it is from the early 30's. She passed away in 1999 at 90 years old. I did the pic in a 5x7 size & attached to a new journal I am working on. At this point it is strictly a visual journal that is full of things that I love. I am having a blast with something called Texture Magic made by Delta. It is 3 dimensional paint & that is what makes my texture pop...LOVE this stuff at only  $4 something a tube!
Have a great Wednesday!


*jean* said...

dang, girl, you are getting real good at the paintovers!! beautiful work!!

Dianne said...

Very nice... I'll have to rty those paints!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Very cool
Benny & Lily

Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh it is fabulous!
i love visual journals!
they are so special to not only make, but then open and enjoy!

each page is filled with appreciation, fun and love!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi sweet Diane,,,
oh In wish we could see you in action when you do all this magic.
Your Grandmother paintover is beautiful. The colors, and we can see the texture.
We can feel your excitement!! Your on a roll of inspiration.

Nancy McCarroll said...

very nice; a great tribute to her!

Marilyn Rock said...

Really very well done! Love it!

Unknown said...

oh what a great piece Diane!!!! I love are always creating magic with your work....

Have a great day!!!

Jen xo said...

Hi Diane, love your paintover :)