Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting back into blog posting

Good Friday morning to all! It's been a while since my last post & I won't lie by saying I am so ready to jump back in.....I am forcing myself to take a plunge! Have to get back to some sort of normalcy!
I am starting with a beautiful picture of Dexter that I took a few months ago. A friend of ours, John Miller, who is a fabulous photographer, took my pic & printed it on a 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas. It is drop dead gorgeous & I absolutely LOVE it! I can see my boy's beautiful face all the time now as he hangs on the wall in my den. Miss my angel terribly!
The next photos are a male carousel lion that was carved by one of my hubby's school friends (with my hubby's help.) We've had the male & female lion for some 20 years or so. I sold the male earlier this year & the gentleman that bought it had it painted.  I am showing the before & after pics as we were simply amazed at the beautiful work done by a local artist. Fortunately the man that purchased it lives only about 20 minutes from me & he was nice enough to call me when it was completed. Check this baby out!!!
Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


Nancy said...

I have thought about you so many times since you posted about the loss of your precious Dexter....I know it takes time to adjust and I pray you are doing better....

My heart still goes out to you...... no one can take your precious memories of him away from you and I hope they bring you comfort.....

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Aunt Diane
You are healing and it takes time.
That framed art piece of Dexter is absolutely gorgeous, just like you said! Wow,, its so big!
Yes,, now you can see Dexter all the time!

When you showed the lion before (i guess you did- or did i imagine it).. well , I knew it could end up being a piece of gorgeous art, and it is! What a magnificient job!

stregata said...

What an amazing lion! Although I personally found the carving more amazing before it was painted...
Glad that you have a visible reminder of Dexter... Have a good weekend.

Marilyn Rock said...

Time heals wounds and it can't be rushed. Do what is comfortable for you. This is a great post and love the framed art piece of Dexter. The lion is awesome!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh what a beautiful photo of dexter.
i have been thinking of you!
the lion is just amazing!
thank you so much for sharing both kitties with us.

Jen xo said...

what a lovely pic of your dexter....ive missed you too, glad you are back..

Gaby Bee said...

What a lovely photo of your dexter!
Glad you are back, Diane!

Have a wonderful week!

Nancy McCarroll said...

So sorry about losing Dexter. Hugs.