Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last week of Halloween Images

Good morning! How can we be almost into November?? Next week is Halloween!
Todays photo is one taken by my husband a long time ago. I really have no clue where he shot it but I do love it! I imposed his photo over the top of a freebie graveyard shot. Of course, I always tweak the color & opacity too.
I am NOT really a Halloween person but I had a ball making all my Halloween pictures.
One last thing...a big congratulations to The Texas Rangers & San Francisco Giants....they are going to the world series!!!!
Have a beautiful Sunday everyone AND.......GO STEELERS!


stregata said...

Love your Halloween image - totally love the digital work you do!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Yikes Stripes,,, this is SCARY!
What a cool photo,,, and then you added the ghost- this is too awsome! Your imagination makes us all smile. But YOU inspire me!

Unknown said...

oh my heavens!!! spooky stuff Diane!!! I love it and so does Cole...hard to imagine it is the end of October already!!! wow