Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fellow Blogger Needs HELP!

Good morning everyone! I am going to attempt to help a fellow blogger this morning.
Her name is Shannon & she is at http://livingwithapug.blogspot.com/. Shannon has 2 pugs & a frenchie, Stella, Gunther & Betty. Shannon works tirelessly helping other furry friends through the French Bulldog Rescue Network. She has a new frenchie named Large Marge!
Marge has several health problems & I have posted her story below. PLEASE, if you can, stop by & chip in to help with Marge's vet bills. So sorry I can't provide a clickable link for you but I've had problems with that for quite some time & can't seem to get it fixed. The only place it won't work is on my blog...UGH!!

Marge's story from: http://frenchbulldogrescue.org/htdocs/foster/marge.html

Let's all give a big shout out to FBRN's newest member of the family, Marge! This lovely 6 year old girl was surrendered by her family because they wanted her to have more care and attention than they could provide.

Marge is already receiving lots of attention and love from her new foster family and foster fur siblings, which is helping her to come out of her shell. Despite being deaf and partially blind in one eye, Marge is a goofball who loves to play and wrestle with her foster family.

Marge has some medical issues that required prompt medical attention upon arrival. Our volunteers involved in transporting her, observed she had severely inflamed and painful ears. She was immediately whisked to the vet where she was diagnosed with untreated, chronic ear infections which caused a build- up of scar tissue and infection in her ear canals. She's currently being treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and ear drops to try to open up her ear canals to give her some relief. Marge is also one of loudest breathers to join the FBRN brood. She has a hard team eating and drinking without needing to take a breath in between each bite. Upon examination, the vet said Marge needs to have soft palate resection surgery so she can live a more normal life. While she's under anesthesia, the vet will also scope her ears and see if there's any hope of restoring her hearing. And last but not least, Ms. Marge will be spayed. No more puppies for this retired mom!

If you have a soft spot in your heart for this deserving gal, please click on Marge's picture to make a donation to get her on the road to recovery.

And now....meet Large Marge!


GAIL said...

Poor Marge. She's lucky to have people like you and Shannon to help her.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sweet Diane
You are so caring to talk about Large Marge. I know Shannon does everything in heart that she can do to help all those that she rescues,, and now it is Marge's turn.
She is such a sweet doggy, and mommy is trying to help her too.
Sending love to you sweet Diane.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Smoosh Face mom does lots a good for the FBRN kids. All paws are crossed for Marge
Benny & Lily