Monday, May 25, 2009

Visiting Universal Studios & Citywalk

I am really falling behind on my posts & I need to get with it. It's not that I haven't been creative & productive because I have. I've been working on my "GET EXCITED & MAKE SOMETHING" giveaway & I am finally done. I am going to wrap everything up & get it into tomorrows mail. I have goodies going to Renate in Germany, Gaby from Brazil, Diana in Canada & Marianne & Sharon here in the US.
Your gifts will be there soon & I hope you all love what I've made for each of you.

I am posting a couple of pics from Universal Studios last week. My son has been on vacation so we spent a day acting like tourists in our native state of California.
I always think of my dear sister-in-law when I see cows. She is a hopeless lover of cows & I thought this was so cute. The other one just makes me laugh. That sign was placed in the perfect place...Very L.A!

One more little thing....we parted with one of the kittens last Friday. She was placed in a WONDERFUL home & we were very sad to see her leave but so very grateful that she is going to such a loving home. She will be an indoor cat which means she will have a longer life span. I still have 3 more to go as I am going to keep one little boy. His name is Cooper & he is PRECIOUS! You'll see pics of him a little later.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Unknown said...

Hi Diane...what fun!!! I love exploring and acting like a tourist close to's like seeing everything all over again....but with more detail...

I love the photos!!! I have to make a trip down there one of these days.....


GAIL said...

I would like to see some pic's of your "give-aways" before you mail them.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Diane
It's so nice that you got to be a tourist, and sounded like fun.
We are happy the little kitten number 1 got a forever home already. I bet it is making someone so happy.
We missed you while you were away. Isn't it strange how we can get so connected to another soul that we have only met through words.
The cows are wonderful,, mooooo