Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Art

Finally, something on a bit larger scale. Some have been urging me to go larger on my transfers.
This one is 9x12 & probably my very favorite. It is such a great feeling to create something that you feel very satisfied with. I can almost always find little things I wish I had done different but this one , I was pretty darn happy with! I have been an image transferring maniac lately! I believe I could do it everyday!!

This is a little 4x6 image transfer "Bath Time" I did using Sheer Heaven paper again. For me, I just can't see messing with the gel mediums, layer after layer, when I can spritz this paper with a little alcohol & get a transfer that looks like this. I have found only one place that sells this & you can see details at: There's so many things you can do with this stuff & the image transferring just scratches the surface. There is also a Youtube video on it also at: Don't you love her little blue shoes?

Inkjet transfer of Mother Teresa using Sheer Heaven paper.
The pic is 5x7.


GAIL said...

I'm glad you decided to go big. Your picture is beautiful.

Zeborah Loray said...

Wow- you are doing some great things with the Sheer Heaven.
I LOVE that stuff!

Sharon Eley said...

Diane, you are such a caring and sharing person. Thanks for all you share with us. Are the swirls in one of these pictures from a stamp or are they created from a transfer?

Diane said...

The swirls in the top pic are a rubber stamp & I am almost positive that one came from Stampscapes. Thank you, Marilyn for
your very nice comments.

nancy said...

I'm enjoying browsing through your work. It's just beautiful. That Sheer Heaven paper is awesome. I'm bookmarking your site so i can visit again.