Saturday, May 3, 2008

Show & tell night at ArtFest

This was my favorite! I am not sure who did it but it was absolutely wonderful. Another one from Anahata's Wallpaper People class.
This is from the Wallpaper People class instructed by Anahata. These are around 5 feet tall. Can you image doing all this in one day? They were all quite beautiful.

Check out this one! This was done in a shadow box class (I believe) by a 15 year old girl that attended ArtFest with her mother. How's this for talent?? This young lady was as nice as she is talented. I am not sure who instructed this class.

Another wonderful doll at show & tell night.

Show & tell night. Doll made in Linda & Opie O'Brien's class, Who's your Dada. Not sure who the artist was.


GAIL said...

Aah, memories! So are you signing up again next year?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Boy, Artfest looks like it's so inspirational!! Someday, I'm gonna go!! As always, you have the greatest pictures on your blog. Cambria