Friday, May 20, 2011

Two new photos & a new Photoshop class

Good morning everyone! Looks like a lovely morning in Ventura County  but....they say there's a bit more rain this weekend. It's really kind of nice that we're still getting rain keeps everything green & beautiful.
I have a couple of PSE compilations this morning. The boat image was overlayed on another picture of a gorgeous body of water. I always adjust the hue & saturation as well as the opacity. The 2ND photo is a striking "plain Jane" that turned out quite nice. Her photo was overlayed on a slate background. Again...I have adjusted the hue, saturation & opacity. She has such a serene look.
Now, I just enrolled in another Photoshop class with Gail Schmidt called
Down & Dirty the Digital Way through Creative workshops. I am loving it already because she does videos. You are not trying to follow directions from a piece of paper.
You can see exactly what she's doing. Also....the workshop doesn't close it's door on you after a certain amount of time. The videos are available for an unlimited amount of time. Now that's a workshop!
Happy Friday!


*jean* said...

fantastic boat collage!! love that!

Sharon Gorberg said...

Hi Diane! I'll say that's a workshop. Sounds great. Your photos are really lovely. The boat pic is so serene. The second photo kind of reminds me of the virgin Mary.

Great work

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Aunt Diane
These are beautiful, but i love the boat the bestest of all.
It looks relaxing

Unknown said...

The boat photo is great Diane. Congrats on finding a GOOD class. That's so hard sometimes, as we all know. Been there, done that.

Pretty Things said...

These are beautiful -- I particularly love the last one.

Unknown said...

Hi Diane!!!!! These are fantastic! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!!!

marianne said...

these are great. can't wait to see what you learn in the next workshop! have a great weekend-

Marilyn Rock said...

Your photos are amazing!

Marilyn said...

You go girl! You will have much to share as you learn more and more in your class. You are light years away from a year ago. Both images are terrific.

Kat's World said...

Love them both...especially the boat! Beautifully done!