Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another New Paintover

Good morning! As you can see, I am enjoying the paintovers that I learned through Lisa Bebi & the book
titled,  Art at the speed of life. If you don't have this book by Pam Carriker, do yourself a favor & pick one up. It is fabulous! This is my 3rd paintover & I do believe I am improving a bit each time. I also included the original pic in this post. I have no idea who this lovely little girl is but she has one heavenly little face!
The process again is a black & white photocopied picture...I print on cardstock as it's heavier.
You are simply painting over that picture. It's really a fairly easy process. I use ALL Golden products.
The book referenced above goes step by step & there's only 5 or 6 steps. 
Happy Saturday!


Jen xo said...

i love paintover techniques too it makes it so easy. im no expert but im happy with what ive done so far, yours is beautiful...

Cathy Bueti said...

This is lovely Diane!! And how cute is that little girl! I too have Pam's book and love it! :)

Kelly Berkey said...

what a fun technique to use!! have a great week!

Gaby Bee said...

Stunning! I love the way you use colour, it's so vibrant and lively :)
This technique is gorgeous!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love this technique and what you did with it. I'm going to try one with a pic of my grand daughter.

alveen said...

What a great technique! Think maybe even I could do it with a bit of practice. Gorgeous little girl and I love what you have done with her.
I stopped by to let you know that I am having a giveaway on my blog. If you have a moment you may like to take a look.