Monday, July 12, 2010

And...This is Chloe

Good Monday Morning everyone! Today I am posting my 3rd rescue kitten. Say hello to Chloe. She is one of two females that we rescued from Paso Robles. We found it hard to part with Chloe (she was my hubby's choice of kittens to keep) so we KEPT her!
She's got a much different personality from the boys. She's a bit prissy & tries to give you the impression that she's a sweet little angel when she is really every bit as wild as those boys. She is a little instigator too! As you can see, she looks much different than Cosmo & Cooper. She is quite the lover & the only one that will lay smack dab in my lap. The other ones lay against you or partially on your lap but not all the way. She's a very sweet girl & we are so happy to have her with us now.
Happy Monday....Have a wonderful week!


Orion Designs said...

She's gorgeous!

stregata said...

Quite the adorable little princess. So sweet!

PoetessWug said...

Oooo! A lap-layer! :-) She's beautiful! "Hello Chloe!"...*patting her on the head* :-))

GAIL said...

She's the only one that doesn't love her aunt Gail!

Roxy Ann LaRue said...

What a sweet baby. All three of them are very special and in a home full of love.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Aunt Diane
Chloe is soooo beautifuls.
Does she know how beautiful she is?
I bet she does , cause I can see the spunk in her eyes.
She looks sooooo loving! And I can see she looks very spuny

Unknown said...

she is so so cute Diane!!! what a sweetie....I may have to do some cat paintings.....


and Cole will be working on some new art this week!!! It is his Birthday on July 15th!!! so many fun things will happen that day!!!

Linda O'Neill said...

Hi Diane, Chloe is a real beauty...I bet she gets what she wants!:) Cooper is adorable have such wonderful animals in your life. xox