Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two of my favorite boys

Good morning! I have been delayed a bit working on my collage due to a muscle pull in my back. I am hoping to wrap it up by tomorrow or the weekend at the latest.
I am posting 2 pics this morning of two of my very favorite boys in the world, Dexter, my beautiful bengal boy (under the blue robe & Cooper, (one of my gorgeous little stray cats.)
The kittens are around 10 mos old now & doing wonderful. I will post pics of the other two when I get some good shots.
Happy Thursday, everyone!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh they are so sweet! i can hear them purring from here!

Sharon said...

WOW these guys are gorgeous. Never seen such lovely markings.

Hope your back feels better.

Unknown said...

oh so sweet!!! especially when they sleep...adorable...sorry to hear about your back muscle...get better soon!!! Cole sends a big hug too!!!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Diane
They are beautiful kitties.
We have never seen one that looks like a tiger (like that one does)
They look like they are having sweet dreams!
More pics! More pics!
Keep em rolling!
Your poor back!
That sounds like miseries!
We hope you feels better soon

Pretty Things said...

Such cuties!

stregata said...

Sooooo sweet! Hope your back is better soon.

Janny said...

Are you feeling better now? I love cats and these are looking so lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Your two boys are adorable Diane! We have two boys as well, Oscar (weighs in at 18 lbs 6 oz) and Simon (Simey for short, weighs in at 13 lbs, 3 oz) We adopted them from our neighbors who live behind us. They just didn't have enough love or time for them. They came into our lives 2 weeks after our beloved Toby passed away who was with us for 18 years. I think it was fate that God led Oscar and Simey to our doorstep. Take care! Marla

Unknown said...

Sweet, sweet Boys..! I love stopping by and seeing your latest accomplishments. I am always amazed at what you are doing and how beautiful your site is. Thanks for the treat. There is always so much to see...wish I could linger...!

Lots of love to you...I think of you so often...and just make myself imagine that you are doing well...and hope it's true...xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoox