Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally Doing Some Crafts Again

I finally got my hands on some crafts this weekend. Each year around Christmas, my friend, Minnie picks an art project that she shares with her friends. We gather at her home & she teaches us a new project. This year, we felted soap. Felting has never really been something I was too interested in but I really did find these to be a lot of fun.
Basically, we took the white wool & did 3 layers of that...1st layer, lay the wool (a very thin piece) horizontally, 2ND layer, a vertical pattern & 3RD layer another horizontal pattern. Lay your soap on the wool & fold it over & pat it down. I added the colored wool to the top & back side. Then you place the wrapped soap in a nylon stocking. Dip that in hot water & rub a bit until the soap starts to suds. Remove from the stocking. You will need to rub the soap for a while for the wool to adhere to it. Once it starts to stick good, rinse in cold water & place it in the sun (yes, we still have sun in our beautiful state) & let it dry. That was it!
Pictured are Gail's 4 bars on the right & mine are the 3 on the left.
A big THANK YOU to Minnie once again for sharing this new technique with us.


Unknown said...

Hi Diane!!!! so wonderful to see you're creating again!!! I am thrilled you popped by!!! Cole sends his hugs and wishes your way too!!!


Sharon said...

Hey there Diane,

Your felted soaps are very pretty! I have never seen this before.
Great stocking stuffers.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Diane!
Those soaps are so pretty.
Are they really to be used?
We would hate to use them all up. They look like beautiful agates!
Moms wonder if they have fragrance?
That looks like a mighty fun class to take and something new to learn!
Very crafty!

Jen xo said...

hI Diane, lots of fun to make arent they.... love the colors you used too...

my hands were like prunes after 5 of them tho!!! jenxo

marianne said...

they are very pretty. and what a fun idea to get friends together & do a new technique! welcome back to play and happy holidays.

gaby braun said...

Hi Diane
What a great idea from your friend. The soaps look beautiful, so different.
Can we use the soap after that? Or it's only decorative?

Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh how wonderful! i love yours and gail's soaps!
they are wonderful, fun and functional!
i love the colors you both chose!

Janny said...

Beautiful, great colours!

miinie said...

Thank you for joining me and actully working out how to do the prokect.....since I had never done need to do one more posting on the soap and tell them yes.....they can use it ....and you can use the most fragrant soap possible. It was a blast