Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The kittens that light up my life

Cooper, Chloe & Cosmo

Good morning! You've all heard me talk about the mama cat & kittens that we rescued a few months back. The kittens are now 8 months old & I honestly think I would be lost without these little angels. They bring so much joy to our lives & their little personalities are just amazing. I am posting a pic of the three of them looking out the front door & watching the leaves blow across the front porch. I thought this shot was adorable.
My kitchen is ripped out & the acoustic ceiling will be removed today. The cupboards should be in by the end of the week. My stove just left for ALaska yesterday as the gentleman that purchased it had some problems with the shipping company. That thing was a BEAST to move! I felt sorry for the poor guys that had the job but it's gone now. I am hoping the gentleman will send me a picture once he has it set up in his home. He has a bed & breakfast in Kodiak.
Hope you all have a great week!


Orion Designs said...

Those kittens are indeed adorable!

*jean* said...

ooo three kitties at the door!! super cute and cuddly!

stregata said...

Hope you are well, Diane! Your kittens have grown into lovely cats - but they are babies still! Won't be all grown up for a while yet. They really look absolutely adorable!

Sharon said...

Hi Diane,
Your kittens are absolutely gorgeous and the expressions are convey so much. They are lucky to live with such a great human.
Can't wait to see the kitchen when it is done.

gaby braun said...

Thanks God you have this adorable guys near you. I love cats, but unfortunately I live in an appartament in the 6th floor and I think, if I had a cat, it would go behind the birds that flying here around. The black guy is now the wallpaper on my computer.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Sweet Diane
Those kittens are growing BIG- but I can still see they are babys.
I KNOW they must be so entertaining! (and full of mischief- and give lots of LOVE!
The picture of the 3 of them would win a photo contest - i just know it! How about a calander or address book cover. The other picture is beautiful.
Can't wait to hear more about the kitchen! Show us when its done, we can't wait!

Jen xo said...

aww lovely moggies Diane, so glad they are bringing some sunshine into your life.

bet you cant wiat for your new kitchen...jenxo

Silke Powers said...

Diane, those kittens are just adorable! I would so love to pet them for a bit! Thanks for visiting my blog - Winslow would love to give you a hug as well. It's hard to see from the photos, but he has the softest fur and he really leans into hugs. He loves body contact. Aren't pets wonderful? I think they are some of the angels in our lives... Hugs, Silke

GAIL said...

Very cute pic's of the "the children". I bet they're anxious to get out and climb all over your new kitchen.

Nancy McCarroll said...

That top picture is priceless!!

Looking forward to pictures of the kitchen remodel...

Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh my gosh! your kitties are adorable!

i love all of the photos and cannot wait to see your kitchen too!

have a super weekend!


Unknown said...

oh so cute Diane!!! what a great set of photos!!! I can't wait to show Cole in the morning!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Viola said...

Your kittens are soooo cute, Diane!! Wonderful images! :-)

Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!

i just saw dexter on linda's blog! oh he is beautiful!

happy sunday!

m & e

Art Lover said...

i like the first photo. they all look very attentive :-)