Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Journal Pages for Gail & Diane

Yesterday Gail & I spent a little time working on our journals. I am posting a pic from each one. I would love for Gail to start a blog but I think she enjoys looking at everyone's work but doesn't necessarily want to maintain her own blog. She's become good friends with all my blogging friends & I am so happy about that. You can see from the pic I posted that my sister is a very talented woman. I love having her back in California so we can have all this fun together.
Today we are heading to the County Fair.
Happy Thursday!

Gail's journal page

This is my journal page


GAIL said...

Thank you dear sister for your kind words and displaying my page also. I'm looking forward to art, farm animals and junk food today!

minnie said...

crazy cute...........i love them, love your are both talented ladies....

Unknown said...

oh how wonderful Diane!!! I love these pages and the one with the bee in her head piece is so know I love bees!!!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Diane
What a fun day you had with Gail making the journal books. Wow, those are something else! How cool is that! Gail is an artist just like you! Look how brave she got to make a Journal page. We liked yours and hers. My mom thinks she is making a Journal out of an old photo album. She put a few pics in of me and some words from my bloggie friends. She is trying!
I hope you and Gail ate some good food and saw some cute animals today at the fail. We get to go in about a week and a half- i think!
I am so happy you and Gail have each other. (Gail and Kong are my good friends too- and I see her visiting and making friends- and everyone loves her- just like they do you!
nitey nite

Sharon said...

I LOVE your page. That is one of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt. Gail's page made me chuckle loudly!
I wish I was out there with you 2 ladies 'cause you have so much FUN!

xoxo Sharon

Jen xo said...

i think you are both very talented, great pages...jenxo

June said...

Fabulous work Gail, Sounds like you both have a great time crafting together
hugs June x

Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane and gail

oh your journal pages are fabulous! I love them and I am so glad you have each other!