Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kitten update

I am posting a picture of Chloe this morning. She is the only female kitten that I will be keeping. Cooper, Cosmo & Chloe were all spayed & neutered yesterday and also received their booster shots. They all seem to be doing well this morning. The boys gobbled up their breakfast like they hadn't eaten in a week! Chloe weighed 5 pounds & Cooper & Cosmo both weigh a little over 7 pounds. They are almost as big as their mom! I can't believe how they've grown.The last one that I will be posting a pic of is Cosmo. It's nearly impossible to photograph the three together. They just can't sit still long enough.
I hope you all have a wonderful productive week!


GAIL said...

What a cute picture of Chloe. I'm glad that they are all doing fine after their surgeries.

Chaska Peacock said...

Diane, your cats are as wonderful as your art!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Diane
Thank you for posting about the specal little kitties in your life! They are all growing so nicely and I bet they have beautiful purrrrrs. Even if they did have surgerys.
Chloe is so adorable.
You have such a big heart to help these babys. That's just you,

Pretty Things said...

So sweet! We have a 16-year old Himalayan with diabetes and a 10-year old rescue kitty that is part Rag Doll with a thyroid condition. We're keeping our fingers crossed on the diabetic one.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful face this cat has. Absolutely regal.


Marilyn said...

What a darling kitty! Amazing that there are a few vets out there who will do the spay/neuter, vaccinations out of responsibility to animals rather than for the money.