Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Vacations Pictures

I am posting a few more vacation pictures today. These are from the Solstice Parade last Saturday in Fremont Washington. It was a new experience for me. There were approximately 200 bicycle riders (without clothing) in the parade. Each of them had their bodies painted with some wild colors & designs.It was somewhat odd to see naked people walking the street. We did manage to have a lot of fun though! I stuck to the regular parade pics & left out the nudes. Notice the bottom 3 pics...their dresses were all made of paper. Very cool.
Happy Saturday!


GAIL said...

Those dresses were amazing. I think we should go back again next year.

Unknown said...

Hi Diane!!!

these photos are amazing and I can see some wonderful inspirations that may come out of them....

Looks so colourful and fun!!! I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation!!!


Silke Powers said...

Those photos are just amazing! I love those dresses!! Wow! :) Silke

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Diane
That sounded like such a colorful parade! Moms said it looked like fun. And lots of interesting "art work" Those dresses came out great!
Thanks for sharring

Lisa said...

Looks like a lot of fun and festivities! When I first glaced at the fun pics I thought it was gay pride! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

marianne said...

hehehe i see that fremont hasn't changed much! great photos- thanks for sharing. the paper dresses make me think of glinda, the good witch:)

Sharon said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks for visiting my blog. This parade looks fabulous, and the addition of the painted nudes might just outdo the Carnival Parade in Provincetown each summer!

Check facebook for details about Jane Davies


Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh what a fabulous vacation you and gail had!
great pictures!

Jen xo said...

oh such wonderful pics , those dresses look amazing!
good thing it didnt rain with all those painted bodies and paper dresses, the mind boggles!!lol jenxo

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Diane,
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your eclectic Playlist!
Have you heard Cyndi Lauper's version of Unchained Medley?