Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm back with the most beautiful woman of all time

Thank goodness, I am feeling a surge of creativity. I purchased a new book last week which was recommended by Estelle in my Stampsmith Yahoo Group. The book is titled, Collage Journeys by Jane Davies. It reminded me of how much I love working with paper & also what a mess I make when I am doing a project that requires torn paper. OMG....paper everywhere!
Most (but not all) of this was done with a tissue paper background...layers & layers. After layering the papers with Polymer medium & a coat of Golden Glaze, a coat of Gesso was applied upon drying. Once the Gesso dried, I sanded some of that down. Of course, it took more off than inteneded but....oh well, just add a bit more paper & keep going. Once it was all dry I added this lovely picture of Grace Kelly. I absolutely think she was the most beautiful woman ever. What style & grace she had. I was so pleased with this one that I believe I'll do another.
I am glad I am not posting recipes today but I do still have one more to share.
Have a great day!

On 8x10 flat canvas


Jen xo said...

beautiful background diane, love the colors too.
She was gorgeous, wasnt she?? jenxo

Unknown said...

Hi wow wow!!!

I am so thrilled that you're back to your creative self!!! we all need a little step away to make things fresh and fun again...I have to say you may have inspired me to try this torn paper work...

this is beautiful!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Heather Robinson said...

Oh Grace Kelly....she just shines on this most beautiful background. What an elegant woman she was!!

marianne said...

beautiful- i love the depth in the background, and the warmth. i like the concept of covering up and then uncovering by sanding. what did you use as the base? is it on wood or canvas board?

Art Lover said...

pretty background for such a beautiful lady :-).

Orion Designs said...

It's wonderful Diane. I must look into this book!