Thursday, October 30, 2008

Million Dollar Friend Award

WOW, The million dollar friend award!
I have been fortunate enough to receive this very nice award from Brenda at:
Brenda has been a good friend, popping in & checking out my blog.
Brenda does beautiful work so please check out her blog.
Thanks so much, Brenda! I am to pass this on to 4 blogs & visit regularly & 1 new blog. It's extremely difficult when you look at so many beautiful blogs every day. I'm going to TRY & spread the wealth around & not give this to the same people over & over. I have selected the following blogs:
Anne at Jaw dropping beauty.
Nicki at Fabulous bath & body products
Melissa at Wonderful Pug/ animal art
Diana at Diana is an artist/illustrator doing amazing work
The newest blog I've been following is:
Jennifer at LOVE her ATC's

Congratulations to all!


Unknown said...

Hi sweet of you!!! thank you so much for making my day....

you are such a special friend and I am so grateful to have met you!!!


Archie and Melissa said...

hi diane!
oh thank you so much!

you just made my whole day!


Nicole Thomas said...

Siane, thank you so much for this kind reward. I am thankful to have you as not just a customer, but a friend as well. Your feedback thus far has helped me out so much.

This was wonderful to come on and find after spending 5 hours out in the cold taking new product pictures ;)

Thank you so much sweetling.

Diane said...

I know what you meant, Nickie. I've done that so many times..hit the send & then see my error. I am so glad you were pleased.