Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More ArtFest trades & class projects

This is the morpheus box Gail made in Michael DeMeng's class. The center turns so there's 4 sides to it. Very very nice!
This is the beautiful butterfly my sister, Gail mosaiced in Katherine England's class, Break Your Art. It is so gorgeous & look at those edges! Fabulous job! Gail was so lucky to have classes with Katherine & Michael DeMeng. She said they were both wonderful instructors.

This is another one done by Kathy. I believe it was in her Misty Mawn class, Adaptations. What a great job!

This is another picture that Kathy completed in her Family Paintover class. This is her mother & father. We were all so impressed with Kathy's natural talent. She did a fabulous job on everything she made at ArtFest & it was her first time there.

Another ArtFest trade . This one came from Brenda Kessler. We had so much fun the first night sitting in the floor going through our bags of trades. It was like Christmas!

I had to post a few trades from ArtFest. I absolutely love these three. From what I can read on the reverse side it looks like Anna Schwindt did the one on the left, Dorte Bistrup did the one in the middle & Cristy Hersley did the wonderful one on the right. I just love the flowers in her little hand!


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Anonymous said...

diane, love your postings i cant believe didnot get pictures of your projects....i was planning for them to be at show and tell, and none of you brought your projects, except for the anahatas i drug there....gails mosiac is amazing....

Denise Felton said...

You got to go to ArtFest?! Oh, man! I am so jealous!